TAMALPAIS PRODUCTIONS  is a two-person independent production company, located in Forest Knolls, California.

TOM VALENS has been working in film and video since 1966.  He created his production company in 1973, first calling it Tamalpais Films, and later changing that to Tamalpais Productions.  As editor, his films have won local and national Emmys as well as an Academy Award nomination. As cameraman, he has traveled from China to Finland. He was part of the Newsroom team and the documentary division at San Francisco’s KQED in the late 60’s and early 70’s, edited the Oscar nominated short SPACEBORNE in 1978, and the Emmy award winning documentary Children Of Violence in 1983. His work has ranged widely in the documentary genres–with TV credits from THE ELECTRIC COMPANY to IN SEARCH OF, and with independent producers from Fantasy Films to the Archdiocesan Communications Center. His athletic abilities have served him well on many ski and sport documentaries. In 1985 he produced, filmed and edited TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE, which won many awards and has been widely used in teacher education programs. He worked with Les Blank to film tea making in China, and with Helen Caldecott to warn of the dangers of Nuclear Power.   The recently completed AUGUST TO JUNE  stems from spending a year filming in his wife’s classroom.  That film led to their current project,  documenting positive directions for public school education at Mission Hill School in Boston.

AMY VALENS began her teaching career in 1968 in the public schools of Dayton Ohio. After a brief stint teaching in a private Summerhill based school in Los Angeles, in 1974 she returned to public school teaching in Northern California, at the Open Classroom of the Lagunitas School District. Amy is also the author of two children’s books: JESSE’S DAYCARE, (Houghton Mifflin 1990), and DANILO THE FRUIT MAN (Dial, 1993) and led student exchanges to France from 1998 to 2006. She retired from full time teaching in June of 2006, to join her husband’s company,  co-producing and co-directing AUGUST TO JUNE Bringing Life To School, for which she also wrote the narration.  For their latest project she has been learning on the job what it takes to be a sound person.