the internet series


Episodes launched two weeks apart on Thursdays from January 31 to June 6 2013, and were featured on several dozen education related websites. At you’ll find the many partners who became involved in this cross organization endeavor. They all also archived at GOOD MORNING MISSION HILL’S website.

Chapter one: Why We’re Here
How can meaningful, whole child education happen in an urban environment?  Can what we showed in rural California be translated to a complex area of a big city? This final chapter gives you our answer.


There isn’t one right way to approach urban challenges, but Mission Hill School offers a good example for what is possible. Over the course of 2011-12  we spent twelve engrossing weeks filming there.  It is a neighborhood public school than parents in the district can choose.  Because of its Pilot School status it has more autonomy that most Boston public schools.  Founded by noted educator Deborah Meier, and in operation for 15 years at the time of our filming, (with the same principal for the past 6) it is neither a school started in the 1970′s heyday of alternative education, nor a brand new school with no record.

An early “ah ha!” was realizing we needed to include the many ways teachers are empowered here.  Another “ah ha!” came towards the end when education blogger Sam Chaltain suggested we start our editing by making an internet series.  The ten chapters of A YEAR AT MISSION HILL  were born, and have blossomed into something we could never have imagined nor created without the help of Sam (who narrates the series), Ashoka Institute fellow Dennis Powell, and IDEA director Scott Nine.  Instead of a product sited on one website, they encouraged a wide range of groups and individuals involved with  education to see it as a cross-internet tool.  As a result, resources and ideas are popping up all over the web, expanding each chapter exponentially.

The Mission Hill Staff, 2011/12: