Mission Hill projects


“AUGUST TO JUNE Bringing Life to School” ended by identifying 15 public schools from Alaska to North Carolina taking giant steps to teach in creative ways that respect the whole child.  While this gave a taste that meaningful education is possible in the inner cities of major metropolises such as New York, Indianapolis, Charlotte, and Boston, it didn’t answer the question of how these schools operated successfully in challenging environments.   It needed a film of its own, and Mission Hill, one of the schools we had highlighted, was the best choice for us.

Working as a two-person team—cameraman and soundwoman, we made five trips to Boston over the course of the 2011/12 school year, spending a dozen school weeks with the Mission Hill staff and students.

An aspect we had not explored much in AUGUST TO JUNE clearly needed expanding here:  the role of a supportive community of educators.  The word “family” is used over and over again at Mission Hill for good reason.

We started with a ten-part internet series, then we made an hour long film.  Both challenge current education trends as they chronicle the rhythms and relationships of a year in the life of Boston’s fascinating Mission Hill School.