GOOD MORNING MISSION HILL  Hour long documentary following a year in a Boston Public School looking at the dynamics of staff autonomy and teaching the whole child go together  Tamalpais Productions 2014

A YEAR AT MISSION HILL Ten part internet series exploring an innovative urban public school’s approaches  Tamalpais Productions 2013

AUGUST TO JUNE Feature length documentary about a year in the life of an unconventional public elementary school classroom Tamalpais Productions 2011

ALL IN THIS TEA Feature length documentary about Chinese tea (second camera) Les Blank’s Flower Films 2007

NUCLEAR DECEPTION Nuclear power and children’s health (director, camera & editor)  Nuclear Power Research Institute/ Beyond Nuclear 2005

LEAF AND WATER Finding premium teas in China (camera & editor) Silk Roads Tea 2003

ALCOHOL CAN BE A GAS Alcohol as an alternative fuel (camera) International Institute for Ecological Agriculture (work in progress)

INSPIRIT  The world of quadriplegic activist Aneice Taylor (director, camera & editor) Inspirit 2001

CHRISTMAS JUG BAND Concert film (co-camera) Korty Films

KIDS AND COPS: MAKING THE CONNECTION Training film, child development and police intervention with children (editor) Child Witness To Violence Project, Boston Police Department     CINE Golden Eagle

911 A child’s emergency call, set to children’s artwork (editor) Child Witness To Violence Project, Boston Police Department

UNITED RELIGIONS INITIATIVE Documentary short introducing an ecumenical approach to world peace  (camera and editor) United Religions Initiative

KEMBALI An American gamelan group’s musical tour of Bali (co-editor & additional camera) Ideas In Motion    National Educational Film Festival Award, Chicago International Film Festival Award

LIVING POETRY 2: YES WITH LEMON The deciphering of a “finished” poem (editor) Edwards Films    Chris Award Columbus International Film Festival

LIVING POETRY: THEODORE WEISS The creative development of a poem (editor) Edwards Films     Blue Ribbon American Film and Video Festival

RIVER OF THE RED APE The first descent of the Alas River of Northern Sumatra  (co-editor) Sobek Productions

TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE An alternative public school (producer, director, camera & editor) Tamalpais Productions CINE Golden Eagle, Silver Screen Award, Chris Award Columbus International Film Festival, Intercom Gold Hugo

SPECIAL EFFECTS Movie and television special effects (editor) Media Home Entertainment

SCHEME OF THINGS various shows and segments (editor) Disney TV series

FIRE ON THE WATER Vietnamese refugees vs Texas shrimp fishermen PBS documentary (sound editor) Crisis to Crisis with Barbara Jordan

CHILDREN OF VIOLENCE Life in an Oakland “hood” PBS documentary (co-editor) Bill Jersey’s Quest Films   National Emmy

BECOMING A FAMILY Adapting to life with a baby (editor) directed by Bill Jersey for Gerber Foods

FREE AND EASY Cross country ski techniques (camera & editor) Edwards Films     Silver Prize -NY International Ski Film Festival

BUST OUT AND CUT LOOSE Skiing and climbing documentary  (camera & editor) Alpine Skills Institute    2nd place International Ski Film Festival

MARATHON FEVER Sports special for European TV (camera)  Edwards Films   Bronze Award -NY International Ski Film Festival

WHEELS OF FIRE Feature length documentary on drag racing (co-editor)  Keith Merrill Associates

HOUSES ARE HISTORY documentary (editor) Churchill Films

POWDER HOUND Downhill ski documentary (camera)Edwards Films

RACE DAY Documentary short on World Cup cross country ski racing, Finland,(camera & editor) Edwards Films  Best “Non-Climbing” Doc -Telluride Mountain Film Festival 

SPACEBORNE Documentary short edited from NASA space footage (editor) Phil Dauber Productions    Academy Award nomination, IFPA Silver Award


VEGETABLE SOUP 12 shorts for the PBS show (editor)  Collosal Pictures

BISHOP OF OAKLAND hour special  (camera & editor) KTVU TV

SEARCH FOR ANTIWORLDS Scientific research  (camera & editor) Berkeley Film Associates      CINE Golden Eagle

THE ELECTRIC COMPANY Six shorts for the PBS show  (editor) Korty Films

THE JAPANESE FILM  Introduction to five shows for the PBS series (assistant camera & editor)

CAN YOU HEAR ME?  Children’s poetry from the black ghetto for PBS (co-camera & editor)

AGING Documentary short (camera & editor) KQED TV    local Emmy for best mini documentary

SKI TOURING   Following the American Cross Country Olympic team (co-camera) KQED TV   local Emmy for best single program

NEWSROOM and A CLOSER LOOK Hundreds of news stories and mini documentaries (camera & editor)  KQED TV

WORLD PRESS Introduction and close to the national PBS series (camera & editor)

PRIVATE LIVES:  ED NYLUND TV documentary for PBS (editor)

SAN FRANCISCO MIX Three films of the PBS series (co-camera & co-editor)